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Why Should I Consider Coaching?

We all have dreams, goals, and desires for our life, but sometimes we struggle to achieve them or we feel stuck along our journey.  


Are you:


  • unable to move forward?

  • confused?

  • experiencing frustration?

  • needing clarity?

  • needing encouragement to help you take the next step?

Coaching is designed to help you:


  • make breakthroughs in areas that have been a struggle

  • provide insight into areas for practical and spiritual growth

  • help you pursue and achieve your dreams and goals


Through a coaching relationship, I can help provide you:


  • the courage to articulate and pursue your dreams

  • the insight to make a confident, wise decision

  • clarity on next steps

  • and accountability to create new habits and bring change and transformation to your life.  


My framework for coaching* is believing that God initiates change and that the Holy Spirit is active in your life, helping you become more like Jesus in order that you may love God and love others well.  


I love seeing people flourish in their relationships with God and with others.

​If you’re tired of trying on your own and not living the kind of life you long for or you just want coaching along the journey, email me.  I’d love to join you for the journey!


*I’ve worked with both Christians and people who aren’t Christian; my framework for coaching is that I am a follower of Jesus, and thus, my faith informs and influences my worldview and influences how I coach others.  I will be sensitive to your specific journey and needs, and I have worked with many people who do not share the same faith.

What Is Coaching?


A coach is a personal change expert.


Coaches help people:

  • grow faster

  • perform at higher, healthier levels

  • understand themselves more deeply

  • and live with greater purpose and fulfillment 


In the same way that a personal trainer helps a pro athlete maximize their performance, a personal coach can help you get the most out of life.

What Happens in a Coaching Appointment?


Coaching appointments begin with a chance for you to share on your progress and ends with a clear set of action steps you choose to take in the week ahead.  


So why is the coaching relationship so transformative?


There are four essential components to coaching that help a client achieve their goals.


1. Coaching is a transformational conversation.

The biggest surprise for first-time clients is realizing that the coach is not there to give advice.  Instead the coach, using powerful, incisive coaching questions, stimulates you to examine the things in life that matter the most to you from new angles and perspectives.  A coaching conversation can help transform the way you look at life.

2. Coaching is a transparent relationship.

A coach is a friend and confidant, your greatest supporter, and someone who knows you well enough to call out the best in you.  A transparent relationship with your coach frees you to go to places you have never gone before and allows the coach to best support you along your journey.

3. Coaching is a support system for change.

With support, encouragement, and accountability from someone who believes in us, we can do far more than we’d ever accomplish alone.  


A coach helps you:

  • stay on track

  • overcome barriers

  • and helps convert your “want-tos” into concrete steps that are put into your schedule so they actually get done!

4. Coaching is continuous leadership development.

Coaches don’t give solutions; they help you solve your own problems.

Coaching helps you learn instead of telling you what to do - coaching empowers you to move forward.  By helping you to leverage every situation, coaching helps you grow in your capacity as a leader and as a person, preparing you to be all that God has created you to be and experience whole life flourishing.

What can I work on with a coach?

It’s up to you!   You decide by answering the question, “What do I want to accomplish?”


And if you feel stuck but know you want to move forward, a coach can help you identify what it is you want to work on.


I’ve helped clients:


  • Create healthier relationships with others

  • Find joy again

  • Get free from a job they felt they were trapped in

  • Get unstuck about an important decision and take the next steps

  • Balance their budget

  • Find joy and acceptance in who God created them to be

  • Leave behind negative thought patterns and habits  

  • Create new, healthier life patterns or life-balance

  • Pursue new goals

  • Pursue a healthier relationship with God, themselves, and others

  • Create healthy boundaries with others

  • Pursue regular exercise and achieve new health goals


Coaching works in just about any area because it is about helping you learn.  A coach is not an expert advising you in a particular field (that’s consulting), or someone more experienced who’s showing you the ropes (that’s mentoring). Coaches are change experts who help you find the solution for your unique situation.


We are all unique and complex, and a coach helps you navigate your life with wisdom and discernment and helps you take ownership of your own growth and flourishment.  

So if you want more from life - more growth, greater purpose, maximum performance, deeper levels of health and joy - contact me to set up a free 30 minute consultation to explore what personal life coaching could look like for you!

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Why Consider Coaching
What is coaching
What can I work on
Pricing Guide

I offer a free consultation!  During it, you will have an opportunity to experience a mini coaching session to see if it’s a good fit for you. It’s often best to start off meeting once a week for a one hour appointment to help build rapport and momentum in tackling your coaching goal.  


After 4 - 8 weeks, once momentum has been established, going to every other week for coaching can be an option. I can work with you to create an individual coaching package that best suits your needs. Just ask!

I often recommended choosing a coaching package of at least 8 weeks to experience the most impact and transformation, but I do offer a shorter 4 week coaching package to give you a good sense of what the coaching journey can be like - often clients will sign up for four weeks and then extend their packages once they’ve experienced the benefits of coaching.  If you’re unsure coaching is for you, we could do a trial run of two to three sessions (at $75 a session) to see if it’s the right fit.

If you’re a returning client, I’m happy to offer a one-time “power coaching” session ($75/hour) where you can set up one-time coaching sessions as needed.

If you’re local, we can meet in person - I also do phone coaching sessions and online video coaching sessions.  

Book your free consultation or make an appointment!

4 week coaching package = $300 ($75/hour)
8 week coaching package  = $600 ($75/hour)
24 week coaching package  = $1560 ($65/hour)
52 week coaching package  = $3120 ($65/hour)

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