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About Me

I’ve served with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship for eleven years as a collegiate missionary.  I love working with college students and InterVarsity staff and seeing them transform and become more of who God has created them to be as they follow Jesus.  As a result of seeing God use my giftings in coaching college students, I pursued getting certified in growth coaching in 2015. I have coached college students for over eleven years, and I had come to believe in the power and effectiveness of coaching others; however, it wasn’t until the spring of 2015 when I experienced the effects and transformation of personal coaching that I really understood just how transformational coaching can be – transforming the very foundations of your way of living and understanding the world and yourself.

I have always struggled with my relationship to food and exercise and having a healthy life balance – always wanting to be healthy in all areas of my life but not knowing exactly how to change from my current reality to my dream of being an active, healthy, strong woman able to love God and love others well.  I decided I wanted to change my lifestyle, and I needed the help to do it, so I signed up for coaching.

Throughout the coaching process, I joined a gym for the first time in my life and went from not working out regularly to working out 5 – 6 hours a week, working out in ways I never imagined possible for me. I also gained greater clarity into who God created me to be, his invitations to me for healing and wholeness, and have transformed the way I see myself and live out my life  – as a non-active person with unhealthy work-life balance to an active person who is embracing a healthier journey and way of living.


Coaching works; I know, because I have experienced and continue to experience it firsthand.  I love to offer the same kind of encouragement, support, and clarity to others that I was first offered by my coach.


I have loved the coaching journey along the way and have been so excited to continue to make breakthroughs in some of the hardest areas of my life: personal health and whole life flourishing. I have more energy, joy, and strength than I have ever had, and I have also enjoyed achieving so many health, relationship and career goals.  I am more confident, more willing to take risks and try new things, and feel stronger and healthier for my work and my relationships. It’s been a beautiful journey.


I love investing in others and seeing them thrive and flourish in who God has made them to be.  I would love to connect with you and help you discern if coaching is right for you!  It would be a privilege to join your journey!




A Summary

  • I have a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy, University of Michigan – Dearborn

  • I am trained in inner healing prayer

  • I offer personality & spiritual gifts assessments, and tailor coaching sessions to fit my clients’ unique design

  • I have over a decade of coaching experience with InterVarsity

  • I am trained in cross cultural and multiethnic relationships and ministry

  • I am certified in “Crucial Conversations” training

  • I am a warm and empathetic “people” person

  • I am passionate about helping God’s people find the freedom and joy Jesus offers for wholeness and transformation

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